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2013 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi

2013 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi2013 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi - by 4/5 Rating
There are four-wheel drive, do so as they could engage in unrestrained harassment on grounds. It is their nature designed to move in the first place where the ordinary automobile genus feels at home on roads and paths. Nowadays it is just simply chic to an SUV with the look of a zuzulegen all-rounder. That it can lead in many cases only by front-wheel drive, because there is no more, You do not see. But even a 4x4 utility vehicle to put even reported differently impressive. For those intrepid guild that invest in terrain scenes like the physics, one definitely 2013 Nissan X-Trail. Anyone seen as sovereign meanest overcome this type of off-road kind of quirks, fears that the innate talent withered gradually, it should be challenged everyday in the car as good as ever.

2013 nissan x-trail
2013 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi

Even in the presence of the X-Trail, so it seems to reflect specific genes. From the outset asks the cute, handsome, noble body structure, a respect. This shows clearly willing to go one, through thick and thin. Limits, of course, also has an X-Trail, probably the one who dares with him in the area will experience not because the pilots probably before leaving the courage to go about in addressing glaring slope angle in the terrain profile on the whole. Stability and traction reserves will still be present when the pilot gives up precaution.

Wheel drive when needed
The excavation at the nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi (test car) on all four wheels or just a simple twist knob on the front wheels are concerned, a four-cylinder common-rail turbo-diesel engine that generates 110 kW (150 hp). 320 Newton meters come about as the maximum torque. The range allowed in the plane sometimes even at speeds close to 1,000 r / min the 6th To select gear. The gear change is prompted to at inappropriate speed, took place smoothly. On the way from second to third gear, the lever can, however, quite like a bit of lead from the driver's hand.

Fuel efficient
The turbo diesel propellant is civilized. Actually, the desire for more power not occur when internalized, is that you sit in any sports car, but in a true utility vehicle. And so is the new top speed near 190 km / h is all right. Along the way, it drives the fuel economy but little by little into the double digits. Here, the test car came in everyday use well-satisfied with six to seven liters of diesel to make ends meet. While large-scale map in the passenger enclosure that acts as a sounding board, the rolling noise of winter tires and wheels and all-wheel drive with significant noise, even at higher speeds, the turbo diesel hear hardly anything.

The chassis of this intrepid terrain-goer has been designed to self-moguls as much "leveling", that their meanness by proposing only in highly diluted form to the occupants. But unfortunately everything has a downside. The "soft" landing gear and high body construction make the X-Trail not to bend the king. It can be pleasant to travel with an X-Trail all, especially when - can be put on comfortable leather seats - as in the test car at the highest LE trim level. Apparently a few inches to the height dimension to pass through the electric glass sunroof, and lost the corresponding roller shade. For the great escapes there is more than adequate on board storage and shelving options.

2013 nissan x-trail

Practical and simple, the inner workings
The cockpit does not invest it in fostering the objective of simplicity in enthusiasm. But the nissan X-Trail, the proof is set out to achieve as even with plastic materials in the area of ​​the dashboard and door panels can be a quite attractive overall appearance. To go with the leather seats, a leather steering wheel with it, of course, the commonly used keys for controlling on-board computer, radio, telephone, cruise control. Steering wheel spokes to seduce collections of buttons and control wheels. Nissan probably did not exaggerate and intact left two outdoor courts. Good thing. Best in the driver's view, the two obligatory round instruments. And in between is just let the information get from the onboard computer.

While the main control room in the cockpit clear and clearly presented to the driver, was inspired by the navigation and Audio-/Video-System (Pioneer) take the test car not owned by a coup. The menu for destination, or the telephone operator for Audio-/Video-System screen seems to be winding paths that can be fathomed even in the second and third attempt is not convincing. The division of labor between hardware keys and touchscreen control steps simplifies the handling. In addition, the launch keys for the systems have failed so tiny as they are intended for installation in a dollhouse. Before the whole skill of the entire system is recorded and can be used, it obviously requires some devotional exercises. Time will have to be, who does not want to cope with the X-Trail (the work right away), but also with the Pioneer F930BT system.

Spesification: Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi

Length x width x height (in meters): 4.63 x 1.79 x 1.69
Engine (type, capacity): 4-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel, 1995 cc
Max power: 110 kW/150 hp
Max torque: 320 Nm
Fuel consumption (NEDC combined): 6.4 l/100 km
CO2 emissions: 168 g / km
Maximum speed: 190 km / h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 11.2 sec
Kerb weight / max. Total weight: 1.680/2.170 kg
Luggage capacity: 479 (without the bumps 603l) to 1773 liters
Towing capacity without brakes / brakes: 750/2.000 kg
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