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2012 Volkswagen Taigun

2012 Volkswagen Taigun 2012 Volkswagen Taigun - by 4/5 Rating
At the Sao Paulo International Motor Show 2012 Volkswagen celebrates the 2012 Volkswagen Taigun.

Volkswagen Taigun 2012

By Taigun presents Volkswagen in Brazil, the study of a compact SUV of the A00 class. Technically the Volkswagen Taigun features a proximity to New Small Family from Volkswagen, which he rounds off the top.

The exterior appearance of the study follows the lines of the new design DNA and shows where the design of the next Volkswagen models will go. The 385.9 cm long Taigun characterized by short overhangs and a long wheelbase 247 cm.

Volkswagen Taigun 2012

So shall also the VW Taigun its passengers with enough space, the luggage compartment holds 280 liters and can be extended if necessary by folding down the rear seats.

The interior features are very neat and fashionable design, the fittings unit is known from the Volkswagen up!, Yet the VW Taigun looks even more modern and sporty. With a smartphone interface and sophisticated infotainment systems to the Taigun appeal to young people.

Volkswagen Taigun 2012 interior

Enough for driving pleasure, a new 1.0-liter TSI turbocharged engine make with 3-cylinder. The performance of the fuel-efficient engine is 110 hp (81 kW) and is intended to convey the only 985 kg heavy Taigun h in 9.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h.

The top speed is 186 km / h, is connected through a manual 6-speed transmission, an automatic 6-speed transmission, as in the Up! is certainly an option for the speedy SUV.

Volkswagen sees some opportunities for the study of implementation, mass production depends heavily on the feedback of the customers. The Taigun should be available not only in emerging markets but also as the Ford EcoSport come to us.

Volkswagen Taigun 2012

Volkswagen Taigun 2012

Volkswagen Taigun 2012

Photo Credit: © Volkswagen
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