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Ford Atlas Concept

Ford Atlas ConceptFord Atlas Concept - by 4/5 Rating
Ford shows in Detroit with the Ford Atlas Concept, might look like the next generation of full-size pickup trucks.

Ford Atlas

In Detroit, Ford is presenting the Atlas Concept, which will provide an outlook for the next generation of full-size pickup trucks from Ford.

The Atlas Concept is not just the design of a taste, but it also shows technical, planning what direction Ford. So shall the future pickups offer more practical detail solutions and more efficient.

Ford also wants to create a balance, while increasing the usefulness and comfort of the vehicles. The Atlas Concept will appeal to both artisans, as well as lifestyle-oriented customers.

Ford Atlas

For instance the concept car on a new platform that can be extended with a few simple steps to get bikes or vehicles on the bed. Also easier it will do if you are traveling with a trailer, here extend only a few steps to couple a trailer to the towing vehicle.

Maintain the concept car has the beefy design of the current Ford pickup trucks. The new LED lighting technology to let the Atlas Concept here even act more aggressively.

Thanks to new EcoBoost engines including start / stop system and a refined aerodynamics, the new pick-up but will be much more efficient way than the current model.

Ford shows at the concept car that many details are needed in total to achieve a great improvement. Changed panels are just as significant as the automatic retractable running board, which can be seen only when the doors as training and get started, but then disappears electronically, in order to minimize air turbulence.

Ford Atlas interior

Although the interior of the Atlas Concept still looks very futuristic, some details such as the large multi-touch screen display in the center console will be but to find even in the next generation of the F-Series.

The Ford Atlas Concept is already a very accurate view of a new pick-up generation of Ford.

Ford Atlas

Photo Credit: © Ford
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