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2013 Honda CR-V Review

2013 Honda CR-V Review2013 Honda CR-V Review - by 4/5 Rating
2013 Honda CR-V has become more dynamic, while at the same offers even more space.

Honda CRV 2013

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V was launched in late 2012. Visually, the new CR-V is an evolution of its predecessor, despite more dynamic appearance and recognize immediately again as CR-V. The new off-roader featuring a sporty nose in the new Honda-brand look and a very bulky tail, which offers plenty of space.

Honda has launched the new CR-V improves in any direction, regardless of whether space, workmanship, material quality or thrift, the new CR-V will be matured in all aspects.

Honda CRV with on board are there already, ABS, ESP, six airbags, Hill Assist, a hill descent control, a 2-zone automatic climate control, an adjustable front armrest, a CD radio including 360 watt sound system, cruise control, parking aid front and rear, a reversing camera, a high-beam assistant, cornering lights, a Bluetooth handsfree, power windows and much more.

Even at first glance, the new CR-V has even higher quality than its predecessor without it already was. The processing in the interior reaches a premium level, and the choice of materials like, especially the cozy seat cover on the comfortable sitting tight.

Honda CRV 2013

The new CR-V has also become even more clear, the unit is divided valves very clear, and all functions can be operated intuitively, even when the steering wheel at first glance looks a bit cluttered.

Also the newly designed valves are easy to read, and the speedometer on the right and left bound with a light bar, depending on the driving style changes color. Is it a particularly efficient way, the bars are green. So shall the drivers are encouraged to place an efficient driving style of the day.

A class by itself is the space of 457 cm long SUV. All passengers will appreciate the royal space, and the completely flat floor in the rear also allows the housed in the center passenger still a good sitting position. The luggage compartment with a volume of 589 liters dimensions also very large and can be expanded by folding down the rear seats still to 1,669 liters.

Honda CRV 2013

The American taste, we also have many trays and drinks holders owe inside that make the CR-V will be more practical.

Quite to the European taste towards the 2.2-liter diesel engine was tailored capable with an output of 150 hp boasts (110 kW). Its maximum torque of 350 Nm, the engine at 2,000 r / min, but even before that has a lot of powerful diesel thrust. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is done in 9.7 seconds, top speed is 190 km / h.

Succeeded perfectly in this case is the noise insulation, whether highway or full acceleration, it hardly penetrate the engine or road noise in the interior. Here, too, reached the CR-V Premium-class level.

Honda CRV 2013 interior

Very good for diesel fits the 6-speed manual transmission. The possible variations are translated quite long and also allow a switch lazy driving, without the same way would not ecological. The gear stick is also very well positioned, and the gears can be sorted easily and readily.

Especially for an SUV with a higher center of gravity of the CR-V can also be the subject of fun full points. It has even during fast cornering never felt that the car could tilt or would leave the path chosen. One reason for the very good road is also the all-wheel drive, which distributes the power perfectly to the two axes.

So that even off-road looks good, the CR-V has a Bergan and Hill Descent Control on board. In combination with the higher ground clearance can be realized so also easy terrain and is perfect especially in the winter with no problems at their destination.

Honda CRV 2013

Despite all the sporty and versatility of the CR-V is also very economical to move. The factory specified 5.8-liter consumption, we have only just missed, but in the area of ​​the attainable. On average we have used without loss of driving pleasure around 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers, which can be called the Honda in terms of size and performance as very economical.

The CR-V presents itself as an excellent long-distance vehicle for every application. Even in the city is the large Honda looks good. By its light steering and good visibility including very large mirror to get even in the maze of the city along well. Thanks to the standard parking aid and rear camera can be designed to handle tight parking spaces easily.

Honda, with the new2014 CR-V succeeded definitely a winner. He has grown in every field of instrumentation even better than its predecessor and is processing and noise reduction in premium-class level. The price holds in terms of facilities and services in the context, and the splashy Diesel prepares not only fun to ride, but is also very economical.

Honda CRV 2013

Photo Credit: © Honda
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