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2014 Honda CR-V 1,6i-DTEC

2014 Honda CR-V 1,6i-DTEC2014 Honda CR-V 1,6i-DTEC - by 4/5 Rating
The 120 hp diesel is the new entry-level model in the CR-V.

2014 Honda CR-V

After the Civic , the new 1.6-liter diesel engine with 120 horsepower is now available in the large CR-V. The new CR-V entry-level model is only available with front-wheel drive and in conjunction with a manual 6 -speed transmission . As the new diesel engine to the spacious SUV fits .

Honda CR-V with ABS , ESP and six airbags already a Bergan and hill descent control , active cornering lights , 18 " alloy wheels , an alarm system , a parking assistant at front and rear, light and rain sensor , xenon headlights, Leder/Alcantara- seat cushion , a premium sound system with 360 watts of power, a reversing camera , heated front seats , cruise control , a High-Beam Assistant , electrically adjustable , - heated and foldable exterior mirrors and much more.

Looking into the interior, the CRV presents a very high quality and actually moves already in the premium segment , which is also the very good noise reduction underscores . The CR-V can also score with good clarity and a very tidy work space for the driver. You can find his way not only right away, you also feel from the first second to the CR-V very well .

The elevated seating position , a large center armrest and the very comfortable seats with Alcantara / leather upholstery provide comfort . Very good of us handily positioned gear lever and the variety have fallen to practical storage .

One of the many advantages of the CR-V is actually his space. On a length of 457 cm will find all passengers from a very generous amount of space , in this case the CR-V trumps even the most larger SUV. So also with the luggage space is 589 liters also very generously sized. By simply folding down the rear bench can be the trunk even up to 1,669 liters and larger so already make many compact MPV competition. A practical Rollo, a double bottom and an outlet round the usefulness of the CR-V cargo compartment further.

Now the question still remains to be clarified whether such a large SUV with about 1.6 tons is motorized enough even with the 120 hp diesel. Honda the world's largest engine manufacturer is only entered very late in the diesel engine production for cars, but has already delivered with the 2.2 liter diesel an excellent unit .

Viewed paper the 120 hp ( 88 kW ) and maximum torque of 300 Nm at 2,000 r / min seem not bad , but not exactly overwhelming. The big surprise follows only if one has laid the first few meters back . Right after starting the engine surprised with a very high running smoothness and the fact that hardly any engine noise penetrating into the interior , which then even at higher speeds that way.

Even with the liveliness surprised the CR-V very positive with the small diesel engine . Even under 2,000 r / min sprints diesel very quickly and with much energy going on. According to plant the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.2 seconds , felt it is considerably faster on the road . The top speed is 182 km / h and thus should also be sufficient .

The manual 6- speed gearbox is translated surprisingly long, and the highest gear is called for only around 80 km / h the shift recommendation display . In addition to switching the recommendation of the speedometer is bordered on either side of a light strip that changes color depending on driving style . Is it sparingly on the road, the border glows green , signaling in addition , that the vehicle is moving very efficient.

The next positive surprise we experience then also in consumption . According to plant the CR - V will be satisfied with the new 1.6 -liter diesel that is 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers , and this value can also be implemented without sacrificing driving pleasure.

During our tests, we are in fact come to a value of 5.3 liters , with the start of the test drive our CR-V not even had 1000 km on the speedometer and thus must be taken into account by around 0.5 to 1.0 liter consumption. With this consumption in combination with vehicle category and space the CR-V is currently unbeatable economical way.

During the driving comfort of the CR-V can also convince . Chassis and suspension are all designed for a comfortable progress towards the road situation is still very good for an SUV . Even in fast cornering , the CR - V remains docile and barely shows a tendency to roll . Even without the four-wheel drive so you got along very well , only when driving off-road disadvantages would arise .

The good clarity is then reinforced with the standard parking assistant at front and rear and the rear camera so that the CR-V can be allocated with millimeter precision in narrow streets of the city without any problems.

The Honda CR-V with the new diesel engine so it can convince the entire length and offers a very high value for their money. He not only offers maximum space , an over complete equipment and perfect sound insulation , the engine is also very sophisticated and economical and can still come up with good performance .

Photo Credit: © Honda
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