In United States, the Ford F150 is still the measure of all things when it comes to the issue of pickup. For at least 180 countries of the world, Ford Ranger in the offer. The most powerful version of the 2013 Ford Ranger Wildtrak with the 3.2-liter TDCi, a five-cylinder diesel that delivers 147 kW (200 hp) and, moreover, is best equipped.
ford wildtrak 2012
2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Type
It is a true SUV. The Ranger will be a soft flushed pickup that only satisfied customers lifestyle. Whether it comes to towing capacity, payload, wading or off-property. The Ranger surpasses the performance of some of its major competitors in some cases significantly. For example, should the new pickup in some versions of Ford pull up to 3,350-pound trailer. The Ford Ranger with the classic rear-wheel drive impresses with a maximum payload of 1206 kg after all! Even when fully loaded, the 4x4 versions crossing rivers with a depth of up to 80 inches (800 mm) with ease. And thanks to a ground clearance of up to 232 mm is also not a real problem difficult terrain

The fact that all the positive properties of off-road comfort was not neglected is reflected in many areas. The sound insulation was equally important as a review of the suspension on the front axle. The rear leaf springs were retained, but that does not show any negative effects in practical use.
ford wildtrak 2012

With 23 storage and storage compartments inside the double cab is lifted from the Ranger also from its competitors. These range from a low shelf in the center console with a volume of 8.5 liters. In combination with the air conditioning system where they can be kept refrigerated up to six cans. The glove compartment is large enough for laptops with 15-inch monitor and the door shelves provide space for 1.5 liter bottles. There are also a number of smaller shelves for mobile phones and other small items. Below the rear seats are installed hidden compartments arranged to leave valuable items in which to place hidden from view.

Wildtrak including flagship six-speed automatic is fitted as standard including a 2-zone automatic climate control, cruise control and navigation system with 5-inch multifunction screen. The same applies to the Navi in ​​the included CD audio system with radio which is equipped with numerous interfaces for Bluetooth, USB and iPod connections via voice control, and includes a rearview camera display in rearview mirror.
2012 ford ranger

The driving characteristics
Setback is 5.30 m long, the Ranger. Violently, but absolutely no problem. For the Ranger is easy to handle. Because among other things, helps the power steering, which works from lock to lock steering wheel turns with 3.5 and thus the most direct counts in this segment.

The dynamics in conjunction with the optional six-speed automatic transmission and the powerful torque of 470 Nm quite impressive. On the back seat thanks to the comfortable compared to the predecessor's growing foot space travel possible on longer journeys.

In addition to standard equipment: ABS, ESP, hill-start assist and seven airbags can boast of the latest generation Ford Ranger with 5 stars in Euro NCAP crash test e. So far, the New Ranger is the only pickup that could meet the stringent requirements of this test method.

Specifications: 3.2 TDCi Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Engine: 5 cylinder diesel
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Displacement: 3198 cc
Power in kW / hp at rpm xy / 147 kW (200 hp) / 3,000
Max torque: 470 Nm at 2,750 rpm
Length / width / height in mm 5.351/1.850/1.821
Wheelbase: 3,220 mm in
Curb weight: 2191 kg
Perm. Total weight: 3.200 kg
Load volume: 1.18 cubic meters
Tires: 265/60 R 18
Wheels: 8 x 18 "light alloy
Speeding: not known
Maximum speed: 175 km / h
Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters
Combined transport fuel consumption: 10.4 liters per 100 km.
new ford ranger
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2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Reviews

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