The SL - "sporty light" - by Mercedes Benz stands for decades of absolute luxury car. Even in the current, sixth generation of the SL roadster stainless presented as a superlative in the areas of driving performance, comfort and design. No other premium convertible wafts such a sense of history and expectations as of the SL Mercedes Benz, which has become a synonym for luxury and high tech.
2013 Mercedes SL350

The new Mercedes Benz SL 350 shows its claws

Visually, the new SL 350 shows clearly his claws. The body design of the Roadster is all but worn away and gives a clear indication of the power that lurks under the hood. Despite the Mercedes SL muscle playing shines, no matter whether with open or closed roof, but still a good measure of elegance and style. Modern and yet timeless, presented the new SL and seducing its viewers with almond-shaped headlamps, grille and huge massive 19-inch tires. This SL has what it takes to become a design classic.

Inside, there is usual for this vehicle class opulence. Leather and high quality engineering plastic to create a luxurious atmosphere. Here, however, is not only the look, the feel is an experience in itself. Who ever had this steering wheel in your hand would it prefer to never let go.

For the thrust befitting the SL 350 provides a 306-hp V6 engine, which accelerates the sports car in 5.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and in every speed range depends on the gas greedily. The average consumption is 7.5 liters for a car of this class and still relatively modest in the context of Verschmerzbaren.

In addition to standard equipment, a wide range of optional features are ordered for the SL. Whether Active Body Control, Pre-Safe brake or direct steering, the list of accessories is not too short and can get to drive the base price of SL quickly in higher dimensions.

2013 Mercedes SL350

2013 Mercedes SL350

2013 Mercedes SL350
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2013 Mercedes SL350

2013 Mercedes SL350 - 2017 Top Car Zone
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