Renault is planning a comeback to the sport car icon Alpine. A first hand taste of the French gave to the study already DeZir, which was launched in 2010. But in the meantime it has become a bit quiet. Until now: Because the Internet is a secret photo surfaced showing will look like the new Renault Alpine.

2013 renault alpine
2013 renault alpine

400 hp
According to initial information, the car shown belongs to the name "A110-50 Concept" and is based on strong visual DeZir. Currently, the comeback would fit quite well, because the Alpina A110 celebrating its 50th anniversary. During the DeZir put on an electric drive, is under the hood of the production version of the 3.5-liter V6 driving the Megane Trophy to be "nuisance". Thanks to revise it to make around 400 hp (standard: 360 hp) and the flat flounder to help breathtaking performance.

Not officially
There are no official details of Renault is not yet to the photo. The vehicle could also be unveiled in September at the Paris Motor Show.
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2013 Renault Alpine

2013 Renault Alpine - 2017 Top Car Zone
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