2015 Honda Civic Type R

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2015 Honda Civic Type R with a speed of 270 km / h very fast and aggressive

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R shows his aggressiveness as radical as never before. During the performance, the Japanese brand currently magical under the compact-sporty. Honda Civic Type R will be launched in the summer of 2015.

2015 Honda Civic Type R
2015 Honda Civic Type R

New Honda Civic Type R has a strong optical impression skinning: advanced aerodynamics, Japan can show muscle. A ground clearance is reduced, lit fenders, distinctive air intakes behind the wheel arches and side skirts sharpened leave no doubt to pay for performance.

Design expressive civic type r 2015 is not a show, but functionally oriented in the first place. In focus: high-speed stability outstanding and increase downforce. For this case, the New Civic Type R test many Japanese wind tunnel at the site of Honda Racing Development in Sakura, which is also used by Formula 1 team of engineers for engine development. Detailed prototype tests carried out on the road and the race track, for example in Formula 1 Circuit in Suzuka and Nürburgring.

Front splitter and side skirts pulled sharply width contribute to the optimization of the flow behavior and reduce lift. Bumper has been specifically designed to minimize air turbulence on the front wheels. In order for reduced air resistance and stability at high speeds significantly.

A large rear wing generates additional downforce without increasing the barriers at high speed too much. To the rear wing to provide excellent grip – especially driven at high speed curves. Almost completely flat underbody increase Meanwhile, the undercurrent beneath the vehicle that produces optimum output to suppress the Honda Civic Type R in the street.

Thermal management plays an important role. So the makers increased compared to the prototype, for example, the upper and lower grille in the bumper, so that more cooling air can enter the engine compartment. The air flow is directed into the air intakes on the front bumper to the air outlets at the trailing edges of the enlarged front wheel arches, allowing for better cooling and ventilation of high-performance engine.

The new 19-inch alloy wheels are exclusively available for the Honda Civic Type R. In combination with specially developed for the Type R 235/35 R19 tires fill the wheel arches Rundlinge very well. In order to curb the rapid sporty compact, powerful Brembo brake system becomes operational, transfer the braking force to the front edges on perforated 350-mm disc brakes with 4-piston calipers.

Honda Civic Type R 2015

Real powerhouse: Even stronger than legendary Honda NSX Type R
The new front-wheel drive rapid turns out to be the most radical of all time Type R Honda and marked for the beginning of a new era in terms of performance. For the propulsion of the compact powerhouse a high-speed 2.0 i-VTEC Turbo petrol engine, which comes only from 7,000 r / min in the red zone provides. The power of the engine transmits a six-speed manual gearbox to the front wheels.

Instead of a naturally aspirated engine, like its predecessors, the new generation of Honda Civic Type R is based on a turbo engine that has it all. With a peak power of 310 hp at 6,500 rev / min and a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 2,500 rpm, the engine delivers unmatched performance compared to all predecessors of “Type R” series and even breaks so that the 300 hp mark the standard compact sports car. Even the legendary Honda NSX Type R of the second generation was “only” 280 hp, but made for a breathtaking dynamics.

The turbocharger is to provide to the lower speed range for high torque and smooth acceleration. With a top speed of 270 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.7 seconds, the Honda Civic Type R is the benchmark among compact sports sets very high. But it also paves a powerful competitor to: the new Ford Focus RS, which, however, only in 2016 comes on the market, will have about 320 hp.

2015 Honda Civic Type R, Honda Civic Type R 2015, civic type r 2015

+ R mode: The more intense motorsport feeling
For the first time has the new honda civic type r 2015 is the new “R +” mode, which can be activated by pressing a button and increase the responsiveness of various powertrain and chassis systems. The result: a more immersive driving experience. The “+ R” mode, the Type R is ideal for track and to cast a spell especially racing enthusiasts.

The “+ R” mode causes an even more dynamic engine response and a more aggressive, more performance torque distribution. With a shorter ratio and a lower power steering, steering responses are more precise on the driver’s steering movements. The damping force of the new adaptive damping system is also 30 percent higher. Thus, the Type R tighter and more agile responsive and thus sets the stage for the ultimate handling.

The ultimate handling with new damper system
In the honda civic 2015 type r first come a series of pioneering new and unique suspension systems are used, which provide better handling and optimal power transfer to the road. Especially for the Type R developed Honda, a new adaptive damper system with four basic settings that continuously adjusts the damping force of the wheels on the driving conditions and excellent roadholding, a limited transfer of wheel load during fast acceleration or heavy braking and stable handling permits. In addition, the system offers a more comfortable ride at low speeds.

A dual-axis front suspension reduces disturbing force impact on the steering compared to the standard suspension of the conventional Civics by half and provides improved stability at high speeds and in cornering at the limit. Rear supplies the H – shaped torsion beam axle is higher by 180 percent roll stiffness and thus more stability in fast corners. Honda adds to the systems by an electric power steering.

2015 Honda Civic Type R interior

Interior : Consistently sporty – that there is on board
The sporty character of the Honda Civic Type R also underlines the interior. Like its predecessors, the new Type R is an aluminum gear knob. The sports seats with high backrest come in red and black suede effect with double stitching and offer both driver and passenger excellent lateral grip in tight corners. The red stitching also be found on the red-black leather steering wheel and shift boot. The black roof lining completes the interior.

GT-Pack: These are the hot extras for the Honda Civic Type R 2015
Customers have the option of their Honda Civic Type R with the new “GT-Pack” equip. For an even more spectacular appearance make distinctive red accents on front and rear bumpers. The driver also benefits from extras such as parking sensors front and rear, front headlights with automatic headlight activation, a rain sensor and electrically folding exterior mirrors.

In addition, the infotainment system “Honda Connect” has an integrated Garmin satellite navigation including five years free map updates. Other features include a 320-watt audio system, eight speakers and a CD player. The 2-zone automatic climate control and the red-light increase comfort and underline the sporty in the Type R.

Also included in the “GT-Pack” are Honda’s driver assistance systems. The safety systems that use a combination of camera and radar technology include a collision warning system (Forward Collision Warning), a lane departure warning (Lane Departure Warning), a traffic sign recognition (Traffic Sign Recognition System), a high-beam assistant (High Beam Support System), a dead angle Wizard (Blind Spot Information) and an off park wizard (Cross Traffic Monitor). The City Emergency Braking Assistance (CTBA) used in the Type R Civic 2015 in series production.

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