Car Review Price - 2016 BMW X1 Changes - Just less than 3 years back the American-package BMW X1 introduced as a compact sub-crossover. Last year the car also got some tweaks, and now the upcoming 2016 BMW X1 changes will bring out a more eye-catching re-style. The spy shot above shows a different outlook: the overall length looks shorter than the today's - even the prototype defines the next-generation X1 classier and much more strapping. Meanwhile, a new platform being set up to underpin the new X1. It's a new platform called UKL, offering an FWD mode to the base, while AWD option remains (the current version goes with RWD). It significantly changes the front end appearance for the new BMW X1.

bmw x1 crossover
FWD 2016 BMW X1 Changes


What changes we can spot more from the photo is that the new front-wheel-drive system supported by refreshed front wheels is going to make the redesigned BMW X1 more reliable pushing ahead along soggy tracks. And that's also expected to offer better driving friendliness with an elegantly packaged layout. Furthermore, its front-wheel-drive commutation should cut the manufacturing costs off, simply puts the new versions somewhat cheaper.

Interior and Engine

Inside, BMW promises to furnish a roomier space in order to enhance driving experiences. The automaker also stated to be going about a new BMW X1 with 7-seating capacity for out of the American markets. A touch-screen display is going to fit the new simpler dashboard with a more businesslike language configuration. Although those changes will turn the X1 smaller, the 2016 BMW X1 reportedly adopt a bigger trunk to accommodate more passengers supported by a longer wheelbase. A 1.5L 3/4-cylinder gasoline engine seems to powered, while a plug-in hybrid model is probably available as well.
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2016 BMW X1 Changes: New Front Wheel Drive

2016 BMW X1 Changes: New Front Wheel Drive - 2017 Top Car Zone
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