Undoubtedly, that is really cool and as large as any other: In September 2015, the new Honda Jazz will start in Europe through to set new standards in the small car. The third generation of the popular compact car comes in a sporty-modern design and offers the best space in its segment - and this with a particular variability. But not enough: The 2016 Honda Jazz is not only impress with dynamism and efficiency, but also with the most modern safety and infotainment systems.

2016 honda jazz

New expressiveness: as sporty as ever
With a new expressiveness shows the now 3,995-meter-long Honda Jazz (plus 9.5 centimeters Striking is the new front end that takes up the so-called "Solid Wing" design of models of Honda -. As dynamic showed no small car of Honda . The distinctive X-shape continues beneath the headlamps, over the bonnet and along the roof line to the roof spoiler.

Two lateral corrugations extend behind the front fenders and provide a self-confident and dynamic look. Rear set of distinctive roof spoiler and the rear almost vertical additional accents, while the edgy taillights emphasize the expressive design. Aerodynamic fairings reduce beyond the costs associated with the airflow noise while reducing air resistance.

Pro driving pleasure: New engine and dynamic suspension tuning
Honda Jazz 2016 will initially only be available with a motor - and that is precisely tailored to the little ones. Under the hood is a 1.3-liter i-VTEC petrol engine. The unit produces 102 hp at 6,000 r / min. You can choose between a 6-speed manual transmission (replacing the previously available five-speed manual) or a a semi-automatic CVT transmission. Other data gave Honda not yet known.

The stiffer and lighter chassis ensures together with the newly developed chassis for driving comfort, but also an agile and dynamic handling. The revised suspension components - a strut-type front suspension and an H-shaped torsion beam axle at the rear - reduce together with the 3.0 centimeter lengthened to 2,525 meters wheelbase the pitching for improved stability. New damper systems transmit less vibration from the road to the interior and thus also increase the ride comfort. In addition, an electric power steering for a better response makes.

The new geometry of the front suspension allows a more stable and smoother handling. In order for the Jazz to respond even more precise and agile cornering. The revised suspension also helps to cushion shocks, thereby helping to reduce road noise and vibrations. Result: a pleasant atmosphere in the interior.

2016 honda jazz

2016 Honda Jazz Interior: Impressive size and a new infotainment system

We were already in the new Honda Jazz, which features an impressive for a small car size. Some might wonder where Honda brings so much space - but the Japanese do it again and again. The Honda Jazz not only grew by 9.5 centimeters in length, while the wheelbase grew by 3.0 centimeters. These convey the large windscreen that converges far back to the roof, and the large side windows, a feeling of space and lots of light in the interior.

The interior stands out due to its impressive size attractive trim with chrome accents. On the steering wheel-mounted controls allow quick access to frequently used functions. The driver can also switch between different display on the screen on the center console - depending on the version here is a 5-inch LCD multi-information display (12.7 cm screen diagonal) or the very modern looking 7-inch touch screen from "Honda Connect" (17.8 cm screen diagonal).

"Honda Connect" also offers MirrorLink support, thus ensuring a seamless connection between the system and a compatible smartphone. With this technology, the features and the surface of the smartphones on "Honda Connect" will be mirrored on the screen so that you can easily access its Apps.

With "Honda Connect" it is also possible to connect to the Internet via your smartphone or a mobile wireless router, allowing quick and easy access to various Internet services such as Internet browsing, real-time traffic information, latest news and weather , Facebook and Twitter updates as well as Internet radio. More apps can be on the "Honda App Center" download. The display also offers a range of vehicle information such as tripmeter, fuel consumption and journey time.

Optional is "Honda Connect" with the satellite navigation system from Garmin. Preloaded maps allow you to navigate even without mobile data reception. The lane assistant indicates the correct lane when turning, while the driver can, thanks to a real photo junction view quickly identify the correct junctions and turns in the route. The system also provides real-time traffic information, warns of speed limits, showing buildings and terrain in 3D and makes "ecoRoute" economical driving.

2016 honda jazz interior

New record and "Magic Seats"
The flatter, placed under the front seats Fuel tank creates space under the rear seats for Honda's innovative 'Magic Seats', which increase the load volume immensely. Even with folded rear seats Honda could increase the boot capacity of the new Jazz at 354 liters - without the huge lower shed involve. Best value in the segment! By comparison, the current Jazz the cargo volume is 335 liters. If rear seats are folded, standing 884 liters (to lower window edge) available.

Thanks to numerous configuration options provide the split 60:40 "Magic Seats" maximum variability. In the "Utility" mode the rear seats are folded forward and lowered the seat, creating a spacious and completely flat loading area. The "Tall" mode, the seats like theater seats can be folded up in a vertical position and thus offer free storage space from floor to roof. Complete be folded the front passenger seat and the rear seat behind it in the "Long" mode to store extra long items without any problems.

Due to the wide rear hatch and low load height can be easily loaded to the luggage compartment. In addition, four luggage anchors ensure safe transport.

Advanced driver assistance systems for enhanced security
The new Honda Jazz has a plurality security systems. The active safety systems use a combination of camera and mid-range radar. Except for the basic variant "trend" have all equipment lines as standard on the driver assistance systems from Honda.

2016 honda jazz

The comprehensive security systems include Intelligent Cruise Control (Intelligent Speed ​​Assist), a collision warning system (Forward Collision Warning), a lane departure warning (Lane Departure Warning), a traffic sign recognition (Traffic Sign Recognition System) and a high-beam assistant (High Beam Support System). A City Emergency Brake Assist (CTBA) enters the new jazz standard used.

Photo Credit: © Honda
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2016 Honda Jazz

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