New Ford Ka + 2016 Full Overview

Plenty of room, loads of space - and at a low price: The new Ford Ka + 2016 shake up the small car segment in mid-October. As early as 9,990 euros available to Ford was not satisfied with and missed the little despite the price-sensitive positioning the ingredients for the profit of driving. promised too much? We went to the question already had a look at Ford in Cologne the interior exactly. The technical data and equipment options of the new Ford Ka + there right now.

9,990 euros Ford Ka + 2016

Design: The sympathetic bonsai Ford
Once the Ford Ka was a microcar. But the new Ford Ka + grew in the now third generation to a length of 3,929 meters, a width of 1.695 meters and a height of 1.524 meters. Striking: The Ford Ka + is only 4.0 centimeters shorter than the Ford Fiesta, but 2.9 centimeters higher. The times as a three-door subcompact are over, the Ford Ka + moves into the small car segment and also received back doors, so that also reach adults comfortably in the back seats.

Visually, the Ford Ka + by a high-mounted, two-part grille in trapezoidal shape and large, far reaching back headlamps. These come in all versions of KA + chrome accents on the front grille and body-color bumpers, door handles and mirrors. Otherwise the design is sober but sympathetic. 15-inch alloy wheels put the exhibition vehicle in addition scene.

Interior Check: Enough space for five passengers?
The appearance of the interior designed well made hard plastic, which proves to be very easy to clean - Soft-touch surfaces are not to be found. Accents the door openers, the buttons on the center console and air vents with flashy chrome trim that enhance quality feel. They also offer, among other things, a leather steering wheel, heated front seats, electric windows front and rear, electrically adjustable, heated and foldable side mirrors Aboard the presented model - all features that many would not suspect in this small car.

ford ka + 2016 interior

The five-door Ford Ka + has a wheelbase of 2,489 meters and plenty of space. On the front seats tall people can sit comfortably. Even with the headroom no compromises are required because the Ford Ka is + significant 2.9 centimeters higher than the Ford Fiesta - and the benefit of headroom. The rear seats astound in addition to high headroom by a relatively large legroom. But that's not all: We were with three adults in the rear seat and felt not concentrated - and that in a small car. Ford continued his announcement into practice: The Ford Ka + actually provides enough space for up to five people.

Ford SYNC: Well connected - and listen to his word
The stronger Ford Ka + Cool & Sound also scores points with a manual air conditioner and the voice-activated communications and entertainment system "Ford SYNC", which allows via AppLink control compatible smartphone apps using voice commands, and the programmable "MyKey" - spare key. Thanks "MyKey" may, for example, limit the maximum speed or the maximum volume of the audio system when driving parents to their children. At the same time Ford MyKey can ensure that this does not certain assistance systems turn off.

Versions with the connectivity system Ford SYNC with AppLink own in the center console, a small 4.2-inch color display (screen diagonal 10.7 centimeters). The voice-controlled "Ford SYNC" - connectivity system with "AppLink" it, smartphone apps to use while driving by using voice commands allowed. This includes apps such as Aha (more than 30,000 radio stations), Spotify (leading provider of music streaming on the Internet), Cityseeker by Wcities (virtual guide) and News App of n-tv.

Trunk: A small car? Na and as much pure fit
Agile and manoeuvrable small cars to show in the City. But the charging facilities in this segment are often modest. The Ford Ka + offers 270 liters an everyday practicality boot volume of 270 liters, which precipitates only 10 liters less than the Ford Fiesta - ie sufficient for major purchases or two large suitcases. The rear seats also can be 60/40 split fold. The low loading sill makes loading and unloading, were it not for the high charging stage inside.

For small souvenir stand in the interior 21 trays available. One of these storage compartments is especially practical "MyFord Dock" in the middle of the instrument panel. Here the other passengers can save, attach and charge their smartphones. The two front door pockets can simultaneously record a 1.0-liter bottle, a 0.5-liter bottle and a pocket umbrella. Clever: In the side of the instrument panel is a small "secret compartment", which thus is not visible to only driver's door open and externally.

Drive: He can - more than an economical city cruisers
Under the bonnet of KA + takes a new 1.2-liter version of the Duratec engine family. The four-cylinder petrol engine meets the Euro 6 standard and is available in two power levels with 70 PS or 85 PS. The engine is based on the same basic design as the current 1.25-liter engine of the Ford Fiesta. In conjunction with the standard 5-speed manual gearbox, the new engine is to gently but agile responsive to accelerator pedal commands. The engine was designed for a wide power band, so that the KA + provides driving pleasure both in city traffic and on long motorway journeys.

Ford Ka + (70 PS): The 1.2-liter Ti-VCT engine delivers 70 hp at 6,000 r / min and a maximum torque of 105 Nm at 4000 rpm. In conjunction with the 5-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive of the Ford Ka + with the smaller power level does the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h expected to 15.3 seconds. The top speed is provisionally 159 km / h. This contrasts with an average consumption of 5.0 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of 114 g corresponds / km.

Ford Ka + (85 PS): In the greater power level of 1.2-liter petrol engine comes to 85 hp at 6,300 r / min. The maximum torque of 112 Nm is available at 4,000 rpm available. Also combined with manual 5-speed gearbox, the classic sprint from 0 takes place to 100 km / h in 13.3 seconds is expected. The propulsion ends with a top speed of probably 169 km / h. The combined fuel consumption is 5.0 liters of petrol Ford with 100 kilometers of (CO2 emissions 169 g / km).

Ford Ka + Eco (85 PS): An Eco version of the 85 PS version is average even come on only 4.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, CO2 emissions of 110 g is / km. This Ford anticipates that the Ka + the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 13.9 seconds and has a maximum speed does of 166 km / h.

ford ka + 2016

technically adapted Ford Ka + for Europe
In India and Brazil, there is the Ford Ka + since 2014. In Brazil, the vehicle as a four-door also under the name of Ka + on the market in India. Five-door under the name of Figo Aspire

For Europe Ford passed the Ka + but to visually and technically. So the makers revised comprising chassis layout - especially the steering, springs, dampers, stabilizers front and torsion beam axle at the rear. Also, the tire, the front subframe and the engine mount benefit from many optimizations. At the European Ford Ka + get front 258 x 23 mm large, ventilated discs are used, rear drum brakes with a diameter of 200 millimeters x30.

Prices: Two equipment versions for the Ford Ka +
The Ford Ka + will be available in Germany in two equipment versions: the basic version Ka + 70 hp from 9,990 euros and a Ka + Cool & Sound with 85 hp from 11,400 euros. All variants are already extensively equipped in the basic version. Standard equipment on centers include electric front windows, electrically adjustable side mirrors, central locking with radio remote control, an electronic Stability Programme with Hill Start Assist and six airbags.

The Ford Ka + Cool & Sound also scores points with a manual air conditioning, the voice-activated communications and entertainment system "Ford SYNC" and the programmable MyKey spare key.

In addition, customers can choose to extras of the Ford Ka + Cool and sound from a wide range. In addition to an electronically-controlled air conditioning with automatic temperature control are more comfortable options such as a leather steering wheel and cruise control, heated front seats, rear power windows, electrically adjustable, heated and folding exterior side mirrors, tinted windows and a radio tuner with Digital Audio Broadcasting Technology (DAB) on offer. On request cost 15-inch alloy wheels to Ford Ka + Cool & sound on addition.

9,990 euros Ford Ka + 2016

Spoilt for choice: Ford Ka + or Ford Fiesta
The Ford Ka + is available from 9,990 euros and almost as long as the Ford Fiesta, which is in the current price list only from 12,500 euros. However, has the Ka + more interior space, especially in the rear, while the visually dynamic designed Fiesta roof sloping slightly backwards and ensures a more streamlined look.

Photo Credit: © Ford
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New Ford Ka + 2016 Full Overview

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