Volkswagen ID Concept debut at the Detroit motor show in January 2017

Since the presentation of the concept vehicle VW I.D. At the Parisian Autosalon in the autumn of 2016, the abbreviation is linked to networked and full electric vehicles from Wolfsburg. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (January 8-22, 2017), the manufacturer is now presenting another model of the I.D. family, which is likely to bridge the bridge to earlier concept cars and a legendary VW model.

Volkswagen ID Concept debut 2017

MEB modular system

The I.D. study, as well as the Paris concept, is based on the modular electrification module "MEB". Like the compact car, the upcoming Detroit concept will be able to drive fully automatically. Pressure on the VW logo on the steering wheel is enough to sink the steering in the dashboard. Laserscanner, ultrasound and radar sensors as well as cameras recognize the traffic environment, while the driver can relax or concentrate on other activities.

T1 bonds in the new I.D.

The design of the new study is to remember the famous VW T1, the Bulli. Already earlier concept vehicles of the Wolfsburger quoted the legendary minibus in their design language. In 2001 VW showed the "Microbus" - also in Detroit. In 2011, "Bulli" followed in Geneva and the "Budd-E" finally at CES in Las Vegas in 2016.

Volkswagen ID Concept debut 2017

Volkswagen ID Concept debut 2017

Technical details

Technically, we expect the new study to have great similarities with the first I.D. from Paris. This is powered by a 170 hp electric motor - which makes it exactly as strong as the BMW i3. In the new concept, two electric motors will supply a four-wheel drive with power. The car key is replaced by the smartphone. With this "Digital Key" you open the car and make it ready for driving. At the same time, the driver's "Volkswagen ID" is retrieved from a cloud and the car is adjusted accordingly. The individual profile includes seat and climate settings, favorite radios and media playlists, sound system settings, friends and business contacts, and navigation system configuration. In addition, the new study will have a variable interior space - a typical VW bus.

Photo Credit: © Volkswagen
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Volkswagen ID Concept debut Detroit

Volkswagen ID Concept debut Detroit - 2017 Top Car Zone
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