2017 Ford GT Supercar Price $450K with Top Speed 216 MPH

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The third-generation Ford supercar goes back to its roots with its 647 Horsepower.

New Ford GT Supercar 2017

Imagine an enchanted scenery where six exemplars of the most anticipated supercar of recent years are just waiting to be driven on a challenging circuit set in the arid desert surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Here is the view that faces our Motor1.com colleague who is about to preview the Ford GT as describing it not as a simple supercar but as a third descendant of a glorious and winning car that has made great and immortal The name GT. If you, like us, are eager to know how and how this new 2017 Ford GT, produced in 250 copies per year for the next four years and at a price of $ 450,000 , you Let alone the emotions of this incredible test at Tooele, Utah.

The new 2017 Ford GT Supercar has its origins in the legendary Ford GT40 winner four times at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and therefore resembles in both shapes and settings racing. Every millimeter of the wonderful bodywork has its function and is so adhering to the mechanics that without the V6 EcoBoost bi-turbo style would be all different. There would be no side air intakes for the intercoolers, nor even the bows that convey the air to the big tail. A V8 engine, however lovely to hear, would have ruined this line. Getting on board is easier than in many racing cars, but more difficult than a regular supercar, with the FIA ​​homologated rollbar roller that just does not notice and the fixed seat matched to the adjustable pedal.

2017 Ford GT Horsepower

Just press the ignition button to figure out instead that the Ford GT is not only made to homage its famous antennas, but also to carry on the mission. What you hear is a real scream coming from the V6 EcoBoost that emits 647 Horsepower and 550 Pound-Feet. On the steering wheel there is the rotary control to choose the Normal, Sport or Track driving mode, the track that compresses the dampers by lowering The car of 50 mm in less than a second. On the track the GT is fast to take off and it takes at least a lap and a half to get to know the pedals and the aileron that becomes a vertical brake in the brakes. When the speed increases, we notice the small Gurney flap that comes out of the aileron and feel closed the moving bulkheads that convey the air to the radiators and under the car. The engine rises in a fast and glorious crescendo that only the fast-moving 7-speed DoubleShift PowerShift gearbox keeps pace. The steering wheel with hydraulic power steering is perfectly direct and communicative, and even weight distribution is so well balanced to allow any good driver to feel a sample playing with accelerator and brake. The Ford GT is perfect for those who are able to approach the very high grip limits, but instead of challenging the laws of physics, they use it as their own playing field.

The cared seats that hold the intercoolers in front of the rear wheels are comically large and bulky, to the point of occupying much of the view of the exterior rear view mirrors and give the driver the impression of an exaggerated backrest width. This is even more evident on the road, and when the tail hatch extends to obscure the view through the rear window, the rear visibility remains guaranteed by the remaining channels between the intercoolers and the V6 engine.

How much 2017 Ford GT prices?

The Ford GT costs $ 450,000, without the many customizations that are possible on the American supercar produced at the Canadian factory in Markham. At the moment the price is only theoretical because of the 1,000 vehicles scheduled by 2020 the first 750 have already been ordered “closed box” by customers all over the world. In practice, MY 2017, 2018 and 2019 are already sold and assigned and those who have been excluded from the last hope can be entrusted with the opening orders waiting at the beginning of 2018 for the last 250 pieces.

2017 Ford GT Supercar Specs :

Proven drive: Biturbocharged 3.5-Liter V6
When it comes: the last pieces ordered from the beginning of 2018
How much does it cost: $ 450,000
2017 Ford GT horsepower: 647 Horsepower / 550 Pound-Feet
Consumption (combined cycle): 16.8 l / 100 km
Tranmission : 7-Speed DCT
2017 Ford GT Top speed : 216 MPH
Fuel Economy : 11 City / 18 Highway / 14 Combined
Drive Type : Rear-Wheel Drive
Weight : 3,054 Pounds

2017 Ford GT Photo Gallery

Photo Credit : Ford

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