2017 Volvo 90 series Info and Photos

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Volvo integrates “Skype for Business” in its 90 series vehicles

Volvo is the first car manufacturer to add “Skype for Business” to its vehicles. The communication software from Microsoft is initially offered for the models of the new 90 series and is available in the course of the year 2017.

2017 Volvo 90 series with Skype for Business

Business conference in the car

Working day is getting more and more mobile. Some would like (or must) participate in conferences today in the car. In the office such meetings are often already handled via “Skype for Business”. It allows audio and video conferencing. In the future the program can also be used in the Volvo S90, V90 and XC90. At the central monitor in the car, you can see which meetings are planned and who is taking part. Also the audio participation is possible. Collaboration with Microsoft also includes the use of Cortana, the electronic assistant, who supports the user by voice and text recognition.

Video meetings in autonomous cars

Participation in video meetings or the presentation of presentations is not yet possible in Volvo vehicles – this would distract the driver too much. In the future, however, this could change: “Especially in the coming autonomous cars, we see a great future for flexible working tools, which will allow people to spend less time in the office, which is now a first step on the way A completely new way in which we will use the time in the car in the future, “says Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, responsible for connectivity services at Volvo.

The new service comes via online update

It is also interesting how the new Skype service comes into the cars. A visit to the workshop is not necessary, “Skype for Business” will be available as “over the air” updates. This means that the software is downloaded and installed during the journey via the connection with the smartphone or in the domestic WLAN. This is how Volvo, like the electric pioneer Tesla, is following its software changes.

2017 Volvo 90 series Photo Gallery

2017 Volvo 90 series with Skype for Business

2017 Volvo 90 series with Skype for Business

2017 Volvo 90 series with Skype for Business

Photo Credit: © Volvo


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