New Ford Bronco 2020 is Confirmed

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2020 Ford Bronco Is Confirmed

Detroit (USA), Ford has a lot of big names to offer, from the Model T to Thunderbird and Mustang to the F-150, the range in the USA alone is enough. In 2020, another well-known model returns: the Ford Bronco is reissued. In the past he was only cultured in America, but in the future he will conquer the whole world. This was announced by Ford as part of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit (8 to 22 January 2017).

Ford Bronco 2020

From desire to reality

However, Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s chief for North and South America, is not yet too specific. “We listened to the wishes of our customers loudly: They want new, modern vehicles with enormous performance, which also offer great driving pleasure,” says Hinrichs. “The medium-sized Bronco is an uncompromising off-road vehicle with all-wheel drive for adventurous drivers, who like to make their way also off the beaten track”, the Ford manager announced. The new Bronco is built in Wayne, Michigan.

In 30 years the legend

In 1966 the ever-three-door Ford Bronco entered the market as a rival for the Jeep CJ. The only 3.85 meter long off-road vehicle with a 2.34 meter wheelbase used components of the F-series. From 1978, the Bronco was finally based on the F-models and was not only significantly bigger, but also stronger: the gasoline engines started with 5.7 liters displacement. Between 1992 and 1996, the last Bronco generation ran out of the band, meanwhile the car had grown to 4.66 meters. Ford was the successor to the 60-inch-long expedition with five doors. Already in 2004 a Bronco study was shown, which did not go into series.

With diesel in the export?

How could the future Ford Bronco 2020 look like? Until now only one all-wheel drive has been confirmed. The F-150, which is very popular in the USA, is conceivable as a basis. Although it is at least 5.32 meters long, since it is a pick-up, one would have to pull off the loading area. For example, the Bronco would settle on the US market between the existing SUVs Escape (known as Kuga, 4.52 meters) and Explorer (5.01 meters), landing at 4.80 meters. There is currently the lifestyliger Edge (4.81 meters). Whether the V9 and V8 petrol engines between 324 and 456 hp are taken over from the Ford F-150 is questionable. In view of the global marketing and the positioning against a new Jeep Wrangler, the three-liter V6 diesel, also announced in Detroit, could be interesting for the F-150. For Europe, we expect four-cylinder engines starting at 148 hp.

Ford Bronco Photo Gallery

1983 Ford Bronco
1983 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco 1996
1996 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco 2004
2004 Ford Bronco

Photo Credit: © Ford


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