Honda NSX 2015

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It’s finally here: the production version of the Honda NSX 2015 is revealed – and will have a say a big word in the super sports car segment. The ingredients are impressive: Propulsion is a mighty powerful V6 Biturbo in mid engine and a sport-hybrid system provide with three electric motors, while the design still sharper turns than the previous prototypes. There are also a new “Human Support cockpit” and a big surprise. In the US, the Japanese company accepts customer orders for the Honda Acura NSX from the summer of 2015. Delivery will take place later this year.

2015 Honda NSX

Design: This is the ideal mix
The Honda NSX 2015 represents the combination of the shape of an exotic sports car and the functionality of a supercar. Each element of the body design fit Honda carefully to the entire airflow to increase downforce and thus the stability and the cooling continues to improve.

The aggressive front is very low and has large air inlets and narrow, drawn in the width headlights. The thoughtful shaped front apron also provides greater contact pressure. The typical lateral air inlet, and the floating C-column lead to the air motor means and directing an air flow over the stern so as to increase the output.

2015 Honda NSX

In order to accommodate the new longitudinally mounted twin-turbo V6 engine and the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission, Honda Acura extended the production model compared to the prototypes by 8.0 centimeters to 4.47 meters and widened the hybrid supercar to 2.5 centimeters 1.94 meters. The cab wandered compared to the proportions of the concept shown in 2012 of the NSX 2015 a little forward. The height is 1.22 meters and 2.63 meters wheelbase.

The rear looks purposeful with its print optimized to press diffuser, while the sleek rear spoiler further increases the required output. The four exhaust tailpipes positioned Honda at the center. Short overhangs, a far migrating to the rear roofline and dynamically styled side skirts emphasize the athleticism addition. The tail lights provide Meanwhile pays homage to the original NSX, which debuted 25 years ago and became a legend.

2015 Honda NSX

Hybrid drive: With a mighty surprise
The powerful heart of the new Honda NSX is a completely new V6 twin turbo mid-engine with a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). In order to lower the center of gravity of the V6 engine uses a racing-inspired compact valve timing and dry sump lubrication. The new 9-speed DCT is to deliver lightning-fast gear changes and a precisely matched the speed downshift.

The rear electric motor with direct drive, which sits between the engine and the transmission, supports acceleration, braking power and switching operations. The front wheels of the NSX drives an independent high-performance electric double-motor, which directly responds to the torque and provides a dynamic torque distribution from left to right. In addition, the Honda NSX uses the front electric motors for a dynamic “torque vectoring”; this can be via the wheels steer a car even further by the system drive torques specifically distributed to the left and right different.

The big surprise: Honda holds the power and performance data still secret and will only call to order starting in the summer of 2015, the. The scene is rumored that the Honda NSX has a system capacity of well over 500 hp.

By the mid-engine V6, which submits its power to the rear wheels, and the “Sport Hybrid SH-AWD” supported by three electric motors system (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) will establish a completely new driving experience. If necessary, driving all four wheels at the Honda NSX. Moreover, it is possible to use the front wheels individually to accelerate and decelerate. In this way, the Honda NSX achieve high cornering speeds and gets even better handling.

2015 Honda NSX

Advanced Sport Package: flash, and more dynamic
The NSX has a so-called “Advanced Sport Package”, in which the major drive components – ergo the mid-engine, two front motors and the unity of sport hybrid battery and power control – are placed so that the vehicle mass low and towards the center of the vehicle is what again increases the dynamics. By combining this arrangement with the lightweight – body to the NSX, Honda so, have the lowest center of gravity in its class.

The NSX has a front and rear fully independent suspension made of aluminum. For the contact with the asphalt 8.5 x 19 inch make aluminum rims with “The ContiSportContact” – high-performance tires in size 245/35 R19 front and counterparts in 11 x 20 inch with 295/30 R20 rubber in the format back. The monoblock calipers with six piston front and four piston rear ensure a powerful and reliable braking performance of high – performance braking system with carbon-ceramic – brake discs.

2015 Honda NSX

Reacts input in the form of gas, steering and brakes, offering stability, control and starting power – for a unique handling of the “Sport Hybrid SH-AWD”, which instantly to every driver provides. The “Agile handling Assist” (AHA) also supports the targeted use of brake torque the handling and improved driving stability.

The controlled via a selector “Integrated Dynamic System” of the NSX has the modes “Quiet”, “Sport”, “Sport +” and “track”. Thus, the system adapts to the reactions of the engine, transmission, suspension and body as well as the engine noise to the driver and the driving environment requirements. The “Quiet” mode allows the car for a short time driving at low speeds only with electric drive. If the driver switches the mode “Sport”, “Sport +” and finally “Track”, the driving behavior is becoming increasingly dynamic. In the “Track” mode, the NSX finally revealed the full range of its capabilities.

In addition, the New Honda NSX has the “Launch” feature, which provides a starting operation almost without delay, the internal combustion engine and all three electric motors come together for the course.

2015 Honda NSX interior

Human Support Cockpit: What’s behind
As with the original New Acura NSX, the goal was to create a “Human Support cockpit” that provides the driver with a high degree of control, visibility and compactness. Honda developed for the new NSX-generation cockpit further with an uncompromising focus on the driver. The ultra-thin, yet highly robust A-pillar and the low-mounted instrument panel give the driver a clear view of the road.

The interior of the 2015 Acura NSX is to offer a remarkable view to the front, a simple and intuitive operation and unsurpassed ergonomics – above all combine plenty of grip offered seats, the highest comfort with easy entry and exit.

The instrument panel of the Acura NSX 2015 has a TFT display for displaying various kinds of information. Under the handmade leather-covered dashboard is a prominent center frame – a functional structural element of the chassis.

Photo Credit: © Honda


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