Mercedes GLC 2016 Coupe Concept

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Soon: Mercedes GLC 2016 coupe on the market in order to compete against the BMW X4 and upcoming representatives based on the Audi Q5. The 367-hp Mercedes GLC Concept, a near-series study, already is now a hot foretaste of new SUV Coupe. Even more: The concept car shows the expressive design language of future SUV models from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes GLC 2016

Challenging: The aggressiveness in his face
In a smooth transition Mercedes-Benz ends the next coup: The 4.73 meter long, 2,000 meters wide (without mirrors) and 1,593 meter high Mercedes GLC Coupé Concept carries the recipe for success of the GLE coupe in a more compact segment. This emotional tension is further enriched with strong character details: A “twin blade” – the radiator grille, a hood with power domes and features four exhaust system form a contrast to the robust values ​​of the off-road world as the bulky 21-inch tires, the underbody protection at the front and back, the increased ground clearance and side running boards.

In detail: The short, crisp overhang with an upright radiator grille and the characteristic of sporty Mercedes models “twin blade” – slat also give a first indication of the sporty concept of the GLC Mercedes as the large side air intakes that absorb the asphalt seemingly ,

Mercedes GLC 2016

Expressive full LED headlights characterize this critical the expressive face of the Mercedes GLC 2016. All functions are combined in a single unit: daytime running lights and turn signals to use for illumination of the designers “eyebrows” baptized upper slat inserts. Among the makers located on three rotatably mounted lenses situational illuminate the road or terrain. Of course, working headlights in all modes, such as low beams, high beams, cornering and curve light, without glare for oncoming traffic, by the cone of light in the area of ​​oncoming vehicles disappears.

Strong contrasts: Low coupe-Greenhouse and bulky SUV wheels
How perfect the makers brought the seemingly contrary coupe and SUV design worlds in harmony, is especially the side view of the Coupé Concept GLC with the typical, stretched roofline of a sports coupé. The crouching Greenhouse with frameless side windows nestles well as the integrated roof rails or the fully recessed door handles in the vehicle edge and further underlines the coupé character. The interplay with the high beltline, wide shoulders and wheel lips of modulated result to extreme proportions.

Mercedes GLC 2016

Clear indications of the more striking SUV genetic factors give sill extensions, which are reminiscent of footboards classic SUV. Width, external flush 21-inch wheels with voluminous, highly profiled tires and the relatively high ground clearance support the sporty and dynamic ambitions of Mercedes GLC 2016 Concept Coupé off the beaten track.

Especially in the rear, the broad, muscular shoulders with the harmoniously modeled wheel arches are visible. As a visual highlight at the rear turn out the four polished stainless steel tailpipes, which installed the makers pairs. Narrow, split tail lights and the sharp spoiler lip emphasize the design line for the first time shown to the S-Class Coupé, the follow all coupe models of Mercedes-Benz. The outsourced in the lower bumper region characteristics and the typical form of rounded at the top of the rear window are further stylistic characteristics.

Mercedes GLC 2016

The night design of the all-LED rear lights sets new accents. The adapted from the headlights louvers at the top of harboring indicators that signal changes in direction by chaser. An annular rear light surrounds a central lens that adaptively amplifies the brake light and makes them even more visible.

Drive emphatically wheel and 367 hp
The drive technology fulfills the given of the appearance of 2016 Mercedes GLC promises. A V6 biturbo engine with 367 hp at 5,500 rev / min and 520 Nm 1400-4000 tours allows performance figures at a high athletic level. More info about performance and usage not called Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes GLC 2016

The well-known from the AMG sports models biturbo engine accelerates over the 9-speed automatic “9G-Tronic” and the permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive and strongly conveys the high performance and acoustically. From the tailpipes escaping depending on the setting of the driving program either a sovereign-muffled rumble or vehement sound of a highly potent sports car.

Photo Credit: © Mercedes-Benz

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